Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Bees of 2014

Bees working on a sunny morning. May 6th
I just got a package of bees from Ruhl Bee Supply in Portland last Thursday. We are using our top bar hex hive we designed and made and everything seems to be going great. Yesterday I took out the queen cage and noticed they had already started building comb on the top bars. There was about a 3 inch piece of comb built on the bar I pulled out. The bees were clustered together and chaining when I saw them.

Today I took some video of the hive entrance. They were busy today!

All the purple flowering in my garden. 5/5/14

Installing the package of bees! 5/1/14

Picking up my package of bees after doing a queen inspection at Ruhl Bee Supply in Portland.

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