Monday, May 13, 2013

Email With Great News!

On the recommendation of a beekeeper I talked to and a few friends, I joined the Willamette Valley Beekeeping Association (WVBA). I sent in my form last week but never heard back from them. So I just filled out a contact form asking when their next meeting was and I also asked if they knew where I could get some bees. I got a reply immediately that they can get me a nuc for $100. I am so excited! but I still have a lot to do! We need to finish the hive this week, and I need to make a bee veil. I bought some supplies on Friday from Urban Farm Store in SE Portland while I was there picking up some Glacier Rock Dust (Minerals) for my garden beds. So far I have my gloves, brush, hive tool, a quick reference guide for bees and I bought a queen excluder (just in case). I still need the veil and a smoker but that won't bee that hard to get.

I plan on putting a detailed tutorial on how we built our hive. I have been taking detailed photos of our progression in case anyone is interested. The bee veil I make will also be a tutorial and I will make that this week and take detailed photos of that as well.

Stay tuned, the next few weeks will be exciting!

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