Sunday, May 5, 2013

Good advice for first time beekeepers...

1)  Join a bee club. | For Oregon I will start looking here 
I don't think there are any bee clubs in  Salem. I believe most are in Portland. I would want to join a club that practices organic bee keeping. 
2) Buy some bee books. | I just ordered a handful of books from the library yesterday. Once they come in I will read and report on each book individually. They are all organic beekeeping books, so I am excited.
3) Join a bee forum. | I had no idea there were such extensice bee forums. I will need to do some research and find the best one for me. Again I will find one that has keepers practicing mostly organically.
4) Order equipment and bees. I am going to need to figure out what kind of hive I want and then go from there. I think we are leaning more toward making it ourselves along with the bee veil and clothes. I will order gloves and a hive tool IF I can't find them in Portland.

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