Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Bee Visit...

My little visitor!

I had a very exciting experience with my bees this morning. It is about 54 degrees, windy and cloudy. I went and sat on the edge of my garden bed with my cup of coffee to observe the hive and I look down and this bee landed on my leg. Now I am all dressed in black with a dark fuzzy sweater and black scarf on, so I though I was going to get stung. But as I sat there and watched this worker do her business, I soon realized she did not want to fight, she just needed to regroup and rest. So I began videoing the experience. She first emptied her pollen baskets then began cleaning herself and making little pollen balls. You could see the yellow pollen all over my pants.

She sat on my knee for over 10 minutes and just groomed herself. It was awesome to see something like this, and video most of her visit.

I was just looking through the videos and Sebastian comes up to me and says, "Oooo, what movie is this?!" He sat and watched all of the movies. I think he is just as fascinated by all this as I am.

Visit from a bee from Autumn Anglin on Vimeo.

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